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Exhaust-free city centers by 2030!

Written with Michael Huston. It’s time to harness technology for cleaner, healthier and safer cities.

If you are a certain age, you will remember the days when passengers were allowed to smoke on airplanes. If you are not old enough to remember, be assured, it was not pleasant. The idea that one would be confined, for hours at a time, in a crowded tube breathing smoke-filled air is hard to fathom today, and yet it was the accepted norm up until the total ban on in-flight smoking in the year 2000.

Today, one can draw a parallel with vehicular exhaust in our cities. City-dwellers are forced to tolerate the air pollution and grime that coats our streets and sidewalks as the result of our acquiescence to the automobile and its internal combustion engine. But like smoking on an airplane, some day we may look back and wonder how we ever put up with breathing exhaust-filled air in our city streets and sidewalks.

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